2013 R.I.C. Seminar


In January 2013, R.I.C. organized for the third time a series of scientific seminars for its Belgian customers. Spread over three days, over 180 participants experienced new developments in separation sciences and mass spectrometry with applications in chemical analysis and life sciences. Two invited lectures from Dr. Jean-Luc Jonniaux (Thrombogenics) and Dr. Kjell Mortier (Ablynx) discussed the use of modern chromatography and mass spectrometry in the development of biopharmaceuticals.

For more information or to express your interest in future seminars, please contact us at pol.verschelde@richrom.com.


Lectures chemical analysis seminar

  • Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry in State-of-the-Art (Chemical) Analysis, Prof. Dr. Pat Sandra
  • New tools for Air monitoring. The AirPass system, Dr. Christophe Devos
  • Multidimensional GC versus GCxGC, Dr. Frank David
  • From (U)HPLC to LCxLC: latest developments in liquid chromatography, Dr. Gerd Vanhoenacker
  • Personalized Solutions for Automated Sample Preparation, Dr. Bart Tienpont

Lectures life sciences seminar

  • From small to large: challenges and solutions, Prof. Dr. Pat Sandra
  • Recent trends in protein analytics, Dr. Koen Sandra
  • Analytical aspects of bringing a bio-pharmaceutical to the market, Dr. Jean-Luc Jonniaux (Thrombogenics)
  • Lipidomics of lung diseases, Dr. Ruben t'Kindt
  • LC-MSMS quantification of next generation biotherapeutics. A case study for an IgE binding Nanobody in Plasma, Dr. Kjell Mortier (Ablynx)
  • Metabolomics of kidney diseases, Lucie Jorge, ing.