Results human biomonitoring study in Flanders published


Steunpunt milieu en gezondheid performed a human biomonitoring study in Flanders over a 4 year period in cooperation with, amongst others, the Research Institute for Chromatography ( R.I.C.).

This study not only focused on known pollutants, but also on compounds recently introduced in the environment. The goal was to establish reference values for these newer compounds. At R.I.C. various methods were developed for the analysis of the following compounds at low levels in urine and blood samples: musks, sunscreens (BP-3, DHB, DHMB, THB, OMC, HMS, 4-MBC and DABI), p-hydroxybenzoic acid, metabolites of fungicides (3,4-DCA, 3,5-DCA, DCPU and DCPMU), metabolites of pyrethroids, ETU and parabens.

The results of the analyses can be found on: