R.I.C. increases its activities in the life science area


R.I.C. is expanding its activities in the life science field. Research in this fascinating area heavily relies on chromatography and mass spectrometry and our goal is to provide analytical support in this emerging discipline. New and existing expertise combined with an impressive and ever expanding range of chromatographic, electrophoretic and mass spectrometric equipment, complemented with all necessary software tools, allows us to provide a variety of solutions tailored to the customers need. Thus far successfully completed research projects include the study of protein glycosylation, protein, peptide and amino acid identification and quantification in complex matrices, fatty acid and lipid profiling, etc.

To further position the company in the life science market, a project called Metablys focusing on metabolomics, has recently been launched. We are currently at the stage of building a comprehensive platform and soon hope to launch the platform to reveal relevant metabolites with, amongst others, great therapeutic and diagnostic potential. Empowered by the knowledge currently existing at R.I.C. and with new complementary and additive expertise, Metablys soon aims to become one of the leaders in the metabolomics field. Please consult the Metablys website at www.metablys.com for more information.